Why do I need Term Life Insurance?

Term Life Insurance is an affordable solution to the financial risk caused by the death of an earning family member. It provides replacement income, covers debts and future costs, and protects businesses and key employees.

Under what circumstances one can become uninsurable?

One can become uninsurable if their health condition poses a problem for a life insurance application. However, seeking help from an "impaired risk" specialist can help find companies that are more lenient towards specific conditions.

What is a Guaranteed issue policy?

A Guaranteed issue policy is available to anyone below a certain age and requires no medical exam. It only asks a few medical questions like height, weight, smoking status, and basic health history. However, answering yes to a question may make you ineligible.

Who is a good candidate for joint last-to-die Insurance?

A couple who wants to transfer their property tax-free to the surviving partner, delay Probate tax, and pay off final tax liabilities are good candidates for joint last-to-die Insurance. The policy pays out a tax-free death benefit after the death of the surviving spouse.

If I get divorced or get remarried, Can I change the beneficiary on my life insurance policy?

Yes! A beneficiary can be revoked if your family set up changes by informing the insurance company.

Under what circumstances, the claim can get denied?

If you've provided false information about your health or participated in risky activities at the time of application, insurance companies can deny your claim. It's crucial to disclose the truth to your agent during the policy application to avoid claim denial.

Can I use my Permanent Life Insurance( whole Life insurance) to borrow a loan from the bank?

Permanent Life insurance has a component called Cash Surrender Value getting built up in the policy. That means you can withdraw the cash value from the policy, if you choose to surrender the policy.

Why Whole Life Insurance is a very big component of Estate Planning?

Whole Life Insurance can help cover the taxes on capital gains triggered after death. Estate Planning helps to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes and can minimize tax liabilities for your heirs.

What is the difference between Mortgage Insurance and Life Insurance?

Individual Life Insurance pays your family, while Mortgage Insurance pays the bank. Mortgage Insurance decreases with mortgage balance, and stops if you switch banks. Individual Life Insurance has level premiums for the term and can be renewed without a medical exam.

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