Critical Illness

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What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance provides a financial cover in case of emergencies like heart attack, bypass surgery, or cancer. The cost of life-threatening diseases is extensive and standard health insurance covers a fixed amount. The remaining patient has to pay. Treatment of any type of critical illness can ruin the financial health of an individual or entire family. To give patients some relief in such situations Critical Illness Insurance was introduced in 1996.

Critical illness Insurance acts as an additional
medical cover over your standard health insurance.

Critical illness
covers :

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Features of critical illness insurance

Covers a round-up amount starting from $25000

Premium depends upon the type of coverage you require

The insurance amount will be according to premium only

In case no critical illness is claimed,
all the paid premium is returned !

Proceed to claim in case diagnosed with covered critical illness !

Time period of

releasing payment will depend upon the condition of the patient.

Critical illness is getting more common than you realize !

Get yourself covered before time runs out !

Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance:

Get your lethalities covered with finances before it’s over !