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Travel anywhere in the world but don’t forget to carry your travel Insurance with you.

Let your insurance take care of all unwelcomed expenses.


Traveling to foreign nation is both fun and risky as you don’t know what may come to your way. These include unfavorable situations and mishappenings too. Moreover, for a foreign casualty, the bills turn out to be grand and unfairly high . Travel insurance or Visitor insurance makes sure your journey to a new country is financially safe and secured.

from $25,000 to $1,00,000

and optimized

accidents & medical conditions

Covers all the
pre existing conditions disclosed

Get your travel insurance before you undertake your journey

Travelling to Canada

Travelling out of Canada

Please note that you can not buy travel insurance after you have travelled outside the country.

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Why to consult with us ?

It is critically important to cover yourself against any unforeseen mishappening occurring during a journey abroad. But it is more important to choose it wisely while knowing all its ifs and but. An experienced & well- versed insurance advisor can definitely help you to choose a plan that suits you if and buts.

Make sure the charge of your abroad journey is in the right hands !

We help you in choosing that plan!

No human can prevent the inevitable circumstances occurring in his journey but can definitely eliminate or lessen the adversity of their aftermath by timely choosing an insurance plan that covers all the damages that occurred.

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