Life Insurance

Your unforeseen departure can leave your family in pieces

Give them the financial strength to face those inevitable hardships !

An absolute need of choosing a right life insurance plan!

The journey of our life is uncertain. We never know what comes in our way and we have to farewell this world unexpectedly. Our family is dependent on us and we have to oversee that all their financial needs and aspirations get fulfilled even when we are not around. Life insurance ensures that your family is looked after when you are not around.


Term life insurance

Whole life insurance

Participating life Insurance

Universal life insurance

types of life insurance

Getting life insurance is important . But choosing the right life insurance advisor is critical.

Let us help to Choose the best !

Insurance Benefits

Here is the snapshot of comparison between different plans



Policy length

key advantage

Ideal policyholders

Term life insurance

Most cost effective
Flexible, lasts upto specified period
Affordable coverage for the required time
Average Canadian family with kids, mortgage

Whole life insurance

More expensive
Lasts for your entire lifetime
Has cash value, stable monthly payment, guaranteed payout.
Wealthy Canadians with certain criterias

Universal Life Insurance

More than term life insurance
Lasts entire lifetime till you make monthly payments
Flexibility to change payment and death benefit amounts, high return potential
Rich youngers, who don’t need money for decades, not risk averse

The aftermath of your death can’t be eliminated !

 But your today’s preparation can definitely make it tolerant.