What is the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada?

What is the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada

What is the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada?

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  • What is travel insurance?
  • What is the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada?
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We travel to multiple countries these days. From Canada to the U.S. there is nothing that can stop us from travelling if we have all the right resources and adequate funds. However, when we travel, we carry a lot of uncertainties with us. There is a lot that can happen while we travel and this is a cause of concern for many individuals.

To resolve this issue, we have come up with an amazing thing called a travel insurance plan. This plan of insurance is gaining popularity all around the world these days. Not just internationally, but even in a country like India which now has the highest population in the world, travel insurance is considered as a basic utility in households.

Today, we will talk about some of the benefits and use cases for travel insurance plans. Also, we will try to find out what is the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada. So, let us start with the topic without any more delays.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is nothing but an insurance scheme that is highly beneficial for travellers across the globe. No matter how long or short a person’s trip is, the insurance covers all expenses of a person while they are travelling. These plans are especially very beneficial for people who get injured or unfortunately meet with a fatal accident outside their home country.

A travel insurance ensures that you or your family members don’t have to worry about any financial issues while travelling. Here are some other use-case scenarios where a travel insurance plan can help travellers;

What is the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada?

Any travel insurance that covers all the following qualities can be considered a good travel insurance plan;

  1. Medical Coverage: If there is an accident or a medical health problem that one faces while travelling and it results in the person’s death, all the expenses from their hospital to their repatriation will be covered under their travel insurance plan.
  2. Trip Cancellation: A family emergency or medical issue can lead to a sudden change of plans or even cancellation of the trip. In these cases, the insurance plan that covers the cost of ticket cancellations can be a great money saver.
  3. Lost or Stolen Belongings: While getting travel insurance for yourself, make sure that it covers the cost of lost or stolen property during your trip. Many insurance agencies in Canada offer these services.
  4. Travel Assistance: When looking for travel insurance, make sure to get the one with extra travel assistance in whichever country you travel to. This can help you save precious time during a medical emergency or any other emergency.
  5. Coverage Duration: While you are travelling, the insurance must cover the whole duration of your travel. From your home to the airport to Canada and then back, you cannot leave anything to chance when it comes to buying insurance.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a travel insurance plan while visiting Canada, these are some of the things you must keep in mind. The plan coverage, its duration, its inclusions and exclusions. Once you have reviewed all these things in your plan, only then you should go ahead and invest money in a travel insurance scheme for Canada.


  1. Is travel insurance expensive?

The cost and premium rates of a travel insurance plan are highly variable and only the company decides on the rates of these plans.

  • Can I get travel insurance for my 5-year-old son?

You need to contact your insurance agency to check if they can issue insurance for a minor. Otherwise, in most cases, children who are minors are automatically added to their parent’s existing plans.

  • What is the best time to invest in travel insurance

According to our research, you should get insured before you start your trip.

  • What are the prerequisites for getting travel insurance?

The only prerequisite is that you must pay the premium amounts to your insurers on time.

  • Will it cover my ambulance and other services if I need them?

Yes, everything will be covered under a good travel insurance plan.

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